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We are happy to spice your food to your taste and cater to your dietary preferences with flair
G – contains gluten       GF – gluten free        V – vegan        N – contains nuts
P – pescetarian          D – contains dairy product       Veg – vegetarian

Dinner Menu


Aloo Tikki Indian hash browns GF/V yummy potato croquttes & zingy tamarind sauce 6
Burmese Arancini P/G three bitesize fish riceballs 10
Mo Mo Veggie /chicken G 6 pcs mushroom & cabbage/chicken dumpling 8
Spicy Chicken breast G/egg served with Asian coleslaw 12
Chicken Tikka Malai GF/D 2pcs grilled herbs chicken fillet 10
Tandoori Chicken ‘n’ Chips GF/D 2 pcs grilled chicken marinated in yoghurt &spices 8
Fish ‘n’ Chips P grilled or battered fish (GF option available) 10
Potato Chip G/V 5


Soup of the day 8


Chow Mein  Nepalese Noodle G Veg/Chicken 16


Lamb Cutlets 3pcs GF with salad or mashed potato and mashy green peas 20
Lamb Shank Our Chef’s special delicious and comfort winter meal served with couscous 22
Peggy’s Coq Au Vin GF French style chicken with mushroom and red wine served with mashed potato and green peas 21
Chicken Butter Cream GF/ N /D a delicacy of tandoori roasted chicken in creamy almond sauce with rice or roti 21
Sticky Beef Ribs GF in house made sauce served with chips & salad 21
Chilli Fish GF Tempura fish & spicy sauce sereved with seasonal Veggie 22
Prawn Malai GF/D Prawns in mild creamy , coconut sauce with rice or roti 22
Veggie Stuffed Capsicum GF/N with fresh herbs & spices 19
Gobi Manchurian GF/V spicy cauliflower with rice 19


Plain gluten free naan /garlic GF/V fresh griddle made bread,GLUTEN FREE! 6
Tawa roti/garlic G/V fresh griddle made wholemeal  bread 3/4
Basmati rice GF steamed white rice 3
Brown rice GF healthy choice 4
Potato chips G/V fresh hand cut potato chips with skin 5
Mushroom and spinach GF/V Wilted baby spinach & button mushrooms, dieters  delight  10
Roast potato & pumpkin GF/V Delicious accompaniment ,fresh roasted , or on their own 10
Roasted Burmese eggplant GF/V/N Smokey eggplant with sesame on greens 10
Quinoa salad G/V Zesty dressed quinoa and lentil salad with fresh 8
Asian coleslaw GF/V fresh cut cabbage with housemade Asian dressing 8
Garden salad GF/V leafy green  salad with tomato, cucumber & olive  8
Kachumber salad GF/V fresh chopped tomato,cucumber&onion with spicy 8


Fish and chips G grilled or battered fish with chip 10
Chicken breast and chips GF/egg tender crumbed chicken breast’n’chips & chips  10
Beef Slider with cheese, tomato and chips G mini hamburger 10
Chips GF 5
Babyccino D 1
Vanilla icecream D 3


Can Coke/Diet Coke/Coke O/Sprite 3
Bottle Coke/Diet Coke/Coke O/Sprite 4
Mineral water/Soda water/Tonic water/Limon Lime Bitter 4
Coffee 3.8
Extra 1
Hot Chocolate 5
Milkshake 7